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DMTI offers a comprehensive system to help your child improve in math. We begin with an assessment to identify your child's mathematical strengths and weaknesses and then provide targeted activites to help them improve in areas of need. Our DMTI Math Packs offer affordable sets of materials to teach every lesson to your child. Learn together and enjoy taking the steps needed to ensure success in mathematics.



If you ask most people to tell you what matters in a student's math learning you will likely hear examples focused on topics such as fact fluency, mathematical procedures or memorization. However, students who are successful in mathematics from their early years into secondary and college-level math often have very strong abilities to visualize mathematical concepts and to reason deeply about patterns and relationships in many types of problems. Below are descriptions of the six domains that research identifies as being most important for young children to be strong in if they are going to be successful in math over time.

Spatial Reasoning

Being able to visualize mathematical ideas and to mentally manipulate shapes and space are precisely the kind of skills scientists and engineers need.


Comparing lengths of different objects and reasoning about how to cover areas of irregular figures supports students' understanding of complex measurement formulas in later grades as well as how to use algebra to communicate mathematical ideas.

Relational Thinking

Understanding how number combinations are related and how quantities can be equal or different depending on how you manipulate them will lead to long term success in algebra coursework. Thinking relationally is a significant part of thinking mathematically.

Interpreting Context

Solving story problems, or problems in context, helps students understand how to apply mathematical ideas to realistic situations and to interpret real life events in a mathematical way.

Number Facts

Students who have developed fluency with basic math facts will be better able to tackle complex problems and to avoid small errors in multi-step algebraic situations.

Number Sequencing

Recognizing number patterns and learning to use number relationships will support students' learning of addition, subtraction, place value and ratios.

Learn more about these domains and why they're important in the video below


The PMA Screener identifies your child's areas of strength and weakness. It is a research-based, universal tool that screens and diagnoses children on the six domains that predict future success in math. We then provide targeted activities, books, games, and other tools that help your child strengthen their skills in those domains.

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Use the DMTI activities that align to your child's greatest needs and then support those lessons with recommended books and exciting games all focused on helping your child succeed in math today and into tomorrow.

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"Now I understand why my children struggled with math for so many years. I never realized before how often I would teach them tricks and gimmicks to learn math concepts that were actually foundational to more difficult topics we were going to learn later. I find myself doing a much better job of focusing on the big concepts and helping them see the connections between things I never knew were related. (DMTI) has reinvigorated my teaching. I wish I could do my first 15 years of teaching all over again!"

Jessica D.

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"Not only did we have fun with the activities and playing these games for hours, he has improved in all six domains."

Stephanie P.

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"Having (DMTI staff) in my classroom was the best experience! My kids loved having an expert teach them. I learned more from team teaching that 45 minute lesson than I could have possibly imagined. It was so helpful!"

Rachel F.

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"Using the (DMTI) modules to teach fractions was the best thing I did all year. I struggled with fractions when I was a student and never felt comfortable teaching fractions to my kids, but the modules helped me understand fractions in a much deeper way and my kids are stronger with their fraction understanding than I ever thought they could be this early in the year."

Julie C.

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"(DMTI)'s influence in my instruction has been absolutely life changing for my students. I have used EVERYTHING they offered me, thus 100's of students have benefited from the visual models, inquiry, and contextual instruction. I never loved math, until (DMTI) broke it down and visually made it relevant."

Jen B.